Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy 2010 to all our friends and family!! We hope this last year treated you well and we wish you many many blessings in this year that is now unfolding. We've only been in Maine for 2 months and it seems like so much has happened. For now, I will let you know that I am getting larger by the day and feeling good, albeit exhausted! Babies are doing great and we can't wait to meet them in a few short months.

We celebrated last night with family and friends at a Brazilian steakhouse in Portland. It was great company, great food, and great drinks (so I heard.......).

After dinner, I didn't think I would last till midnight, but the intense Wii obsession I have developed kept me awake to watch the ball drop. It was weird for this West Coast girl to be celebrating at the same time as the crowd in New York City!

This weekend we're having a big snow storm (YAY!!), so I'll be putting up some Christmas pics and new ultrasound check back for more shenanigins (including my Mom playing Wii.........)!!

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  1. Great photos, Sarah!! And I have no idea why they make maternity clothes with horizontal stripes. But you look great and can't wait to meet pancake and flapjack!! The kids and I spent all afternoon today playing Wii at Shannon's and i think I'm obsessed too! LOVE you all!