Thursday, November 19, 2009

Okay already, I'll do it....

Hi there!  So we've been settled in two weeks almost in Maine and I felt it was about time to let you know how its all going!  

First, if you didn't know, we've made the move from Sacramento to Windham!  After an AGONIZING three months working on selling our house, we finally got to pose with the SOLD sign!

We left immediately after the movers were finished.  We locked up, handed the keys to our Realtor, took one last look at our little casa and set off due East!  (After being assured that the cats were situated....)
We didn't leave until about 1:30 or so, despite the fact that our movers shucked and jived like mad men to get us out of there earlier.  They were incredible, but we just had too much crap!
We boogied on down the road, thinking how weird it was that we weren't going BACK that way ever again!  *sniff*  We crested Donner Summit and continued on up to Reno (recent site of my bocci ball debacle) We managed to make it to the NV/UT border that night were me, Sarah, Orono and Willard settled into our first of a series of nice little hotels.  

Utah was pretty flat.  Pretty boring.  It started snowing in Salt Lake, but nothing too bad.  A nice change from the 80 degrees we left back in the Valley though.  The salt flats were pretty cool.  If we'd had the time and no cats, we could have taken the Subaru for a test drive.               .                                                                                       We made good time the next day and as we climbed up through the Rockies we were running from a nasty storm that was brewing behind us and moving south and eastwards.  The idea of staying in Nebraska was killing me, but we pushed out to North Platte, just in time to miss out on several feet of highway closing snow!! EEK!  Sarah drove through a little bit of it, but THAT was way too scary for me, thank you very much....

After safely traversing the wintry Wyoming mountains and surviving our first night in NB without being eaten by the Children of the Corn, we started our journey through middle, or "REAL", America.  We soon noticed this chain of family friendly, morally upright gas stations...

The remainder of the trip was really pretty uneventful.... oh, except for the part where our poor kitty whizzed all over himself in his crate.  You don't know miserable until you've seen a freshly shampooed cat in a cold hotel room.  He was made less miserable by the hot towels I made him.  I wrapped him up like a little burrito and he passed right out... Poor gato.

 We made good time through the rest of the country, enjoying the late fall color and the incredible rest stops.  Do you know that other states have free Wi-fi at their rest stops???  Awesome.  

Finally we made it HOME!!  To Maine!!  Wohoo!!!

Stay tuned for for Sarah's tale of the very first morning in Maine.... 

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